How much is your Wedding Photography Coverage?

Prices in the UK start at £1495 depending upon what you require in terms of albums etc. Custom, discounted quotes are available for weekday weddings, Poole/Bournemouth based weddings, last minute bookings and smaller, intimate gatherings or elopements. Every wedding is a highly individual event, therefore for more detailed information and a custom quote please use the contact form below or email Alan here:

What is a Destination Wedding?

Any wedding requiring significant travel either within the UK or overseas involving overnight accommodation. Alan has worked at many well known venues and a Destination Wedding could either be held at one of these, for example a fabulous French Chateau, rustic masia or a simple beach wedding on the Spanish Costas, or a simple beach wedding on the Spanish Costas. All are examples of a “Destination Wedding”

How much are Destination Weddings?

Alan specialises in Destination Weddings. Prices are Dependent upon the destination and details relating to the actual Wedding, therefore custom quotes always apply. We have two centres, one in the UK and another in the Costa Blanca, which means we can minimise travel costs to all Mediterranean countries. We would love to join you on your wedding adventure anywhere in Europe and beyond, so just let us know the details and we will provide a quote

Black and white or colour?

Alan is a specialist black and white photographer, however for a digital coverage any of your images can easily be converted to black and white if you require it. As a general rule the ratio is about 25% black and white to 75% colour, however this is entirely flexible and dependent upon your brief.

Film or Digital?

Either or both! Alan was trained in film photography and there is a definite beauty and elegance associated with film shot on medium format (Professional) cameras, which in our opinion is one of the many reasons why Alan’s work stands out above the crowd. We can offer you the niche opportunity to have your wedding shot either exclusively or partially on film. This is an option which most photographers cannot offer as they simply don’t have the background experience or competence to shoot film accurately. Film photography is a premium request and always subject to a custom quote. £POA

How do we receive our images?

We believe strongly that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to anything in life, but especially the most important day in your life, your Wedding Day. Why else would you book a top professional photographer? In these days of omnipresent means of digital capture (iPhones, tablets etc), quality is in danger of taking a back seat. At Alan Hunter Weddings we specialise in quality, which is a great comfort to the vast majority of our clients. For this reason, we don’t base our coverages on prescribed numbers of images, however we guarantee to cover your wedding comprehensively from start to finish. You will receive between 150 and 500 edited images (we often shoot more!). This is Package dependent and the images will be high resolution available online for download and printing. Non-album packages are generally available in 7-10 days, whereas post production on album packages can take up to 4 weeks depending of course upon your order details with us.

Will you require food during the wedding?

That would be much appreciated! For smaller, local packages there is no requirement, however for destination weddings Alan and his assistant would be hugely appreciative and would love to join you either on the seating arrangement or elsewhere in the venue.